New generation sawmill from Finland!

Slidetec circular sawmill has been developed by a Finnish sawyer entrepreneur Tommi Laine, who was not happy with sawmills that could not withstand heavy use. He had an idea of a better sawmill to meet his own demands. He started the manufacturing of the patented Slidetec sawmill in 1993 at his company Tommi Laine Trading Oy.

The Slidetec sawmill stands out in many areas important to sawyers all over the world, but one thing that rises above the others is its durability. The patented slide rail construction allows the sawmill to stay in shape longer. Since the creation of the first Slidetec, professional sawyers around the world wanted to have the highly durable, safe and effective sawmill. Slidetec is used by sawyers from the eucalyptus forests of Australia to the woodlands in Canada. Sawyers have been using the same Slidetec sawmill for hundreds of thousands of hours and they still do. Slidetec means less maintenance – more yield. 

Until today over 200 Slidetec sawmills have been manufactured in Laitila, Finland, the same place where the company was established. Tommi Laine, initially a sawyer entrepreneur, is involved in the day-to-day operations of the family business. The aspiration of the company is to improve the future of wood cutting business and provide the best equipment for the professionals.


Quotes from our satisfied customers!


"Slidetec's sliding table is the rolls royce of sawmills"
Marko - Tamminimen saha - Finland




"Slidetec has new technology that works with sliderails insted of rollers."
Margus - Estonia




"I like doing special dimensions such as this 8inch square for the Woodford Folk Festival. My mill has no trouble cutting something like this."
Bob - TreePlanter's Timbers - Australia




"I chose Roundtec because I think it is the best log lathe"
Sirbu - Romania