Building log homes can’t be any more simpler.

From log to house with one machine

Quality log homes-efficiently, economically, in a simpler way

Build high quality log homes easily with our log lathe made for professional use. As a matter of fact, building log homes could not be any simpler. You only need one machine to build the whole frame of your log home.

Make the best use of your trees

You might have small dimension logs from thinning. Why not convert them into cabins or gazebos? You also might have logs too big to sell to the bigger sawmill. Why not build a home for you and your neighbors?

You only need one machine

Log homes, playhouses, gazebos, saunas, fence posts and utility poles, all with the same machine. With Roundec you only need one machine minimizing your capital investment to one economically priced machine.

Roundtec performs four operations without removing the log from the machine!

  • Shape log into required size
  • Grooving for desired shape and insulation thickness
  • Airtight timber notching
  • Drilling for dowlocking and channels for electrical wiring and plumbing

Maintenance of knives is very simple

No special tools or machines are required, just your common bench grinder. You can order extra blades easily from us.

Specs in 100 words

Roundtec is powered with electric motors and hydraulic station. The biggest model can groove up to 75cm wide logs. We also offer woodchip conveyor fitted into the Roundtec to keep your workstation clean and safe. Hydraulic log lifters are also part of the machine. We have made special machines for special use. Everything ready to use, just plug it in!

Roundtec grows easily when your business grows

You can start your operations with one single Roundtec. When the demand grows you can add another Roundtec lathe and a Combi machine to your line this quadruples your production. Now your Roundtecs can just focus on lathing while the Combi machine does all the drillings, notchings corner joints and cuts to right sizes. This is truly revolutional way to start a housing business.

So when will you be starting your profitable venture?

Please let us know! Delivery time is usually one to two months.
We can also provide training at your site. And naturally we offer spare parts, assistance and maintenance if needed. We are just a phone call away.



Roundtec Jumbo

Roundtec XL

Log size 12 - 700 mm 12 - 800 mm
Log max length 9000 mm (Extendable) 9000 mm. (Extendable)
Capacity 100-250m / 8 hours. Depending on log size and conditions. With additional Roundtec Combi machine you can double your capacity without doubling your investment. 100-270m / 8 hours. Depending on log size and conditions. With additional Roundtec Combi machine you can double your capacity without doubling your investment
Length 11700 mm 11700 mm
Width 2200 mm 2300 mm
Height 2100 mm 2200 mm
Weight 3400 kg 3800 kg
Electric motors
1. Cutter 15 kW 18,5 kW
2. Cutter 11 kW 11 kW
Log roundig motor 3 kW 3 kW
Feeding head motor 3 kW 3 kW

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Configure your Roundtec

    Roundtec Jumbo  
    Roundtec XL  
    Log lifters  
    Conveyor belt For wood chips and saw dust 
    Extra length  
    Tapered log  
    Roundtec Combi Double your capacity Read more
    On-site training  
    Scheduled maintenance  
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