New generation sawmill from Finland!

From logs into high quality sawn timber in fast and reliable way

The specs in 250 words

The heart of the sawmill is 65mm oversize blade shaft which makes better blade support with special flanges reducing the possibility of saw blade wobbling and vibrating.

With hydraulic log handling device, you can roll the log, flip the square timber and adjust the log straight for sawing. You can replace your co-worker with this one.

The log table is 9 meters long and you can saw even 11-meter log with Slidetec. We have made even longer sawmills for special use.

Effective, simple, safe and less costly top saw system can handle oversize logs up to 76,5cm (30”).

Sturdy measurement device is simple to use, robust and accurate. We also have a computerized sizing system available.

The prebarker takes the bark and dirt away from the sawing line. Keeping the blade in better condition for longer.

With the laser you can see the sawing line, on the double laser, the other laser is moving with the measurement device, this can be installed on both mechanical and computerized systems.

Hydraulic log fastener fastens even frozen logs and hardwood species.

Our sharpening device attached to the back of the sawmill. You can easily turn it and start sharpening your blade without taking it off.

The sawdust fan sucks the sawdust away beneath the blade and transports it to another location.

Hydraulic dropping device and support wheel for sawn timber completes one man sawing application.

Our log feeder feeds the log on to the saw table.

Conveyors, log table and a cross cut saw can be added to complete more professional sawmill operation.

Quiet, fast, tough and safe

A circular saw for the new generation in which the rolls under the saw tables have been replaced with slide rails. This patented construction enables a very smooth running of the table and a firm structure.

This is seen in good quality of sawn goods and in fewer problems with the circular saw blades. The tables run silently and safely.

Unwarping, untwisting, and unbumping

Slide rails are made out of stainless steel. The saw table’s sliding bars are reversible, doubling lifetime for years. The table itself is constructed for tough use. It is unwarping, untwisting, and unbumping.

CE and SGS certified

The founder of Slidetec manufacturing plant, is a multiple sawmilling champion and his practical experience has been created this ultimate sawmill. Saw through saw table is among the unique features involved. Slidetec is CE certified and the only circular sawmill having SGS, the strictest certification found in the world. The extremely quiet, fast, safe and tough saw table is one of the key patented aspects of the mill. Extremely quiet, accurate movement and vibration free.

How about the circular blade?

You don´t have to remove the blade for sharpening. On average you can use one blade for a year before retipping.

You have to sharpen the blade twice a day. So it takes 10 minutes out of your eight hour day.

What is the capacity of Slidetec?

Sawyer who knows his way around the sawmill turns his 38 cubic meters (16 000fbm) of logs into 20 cubic meters (8500fbm) of planks in a day.

How can I get a Slidetec to Honolulu?

Two Slidetec sawmills fit one 40” container and two Slidetec mini sawmills fit into one 20” container. We have sold Slidetec into 15 different countries.

So when will you be starting your profitable venture?

Please let us know! Delivery time is usually one to two months.
We can also provide training at your site. And naturally we offer spare parts, assistance and maintenance if needed. We are just a phone call away.

Mobile Slidetec

Why haul the heavy logs from the forest when you can bring the sawmill to the forest

With the Slidetec Mobile you can set up a sawmill anywhere you need in just 10 minutes. If you need to change the work site you can set up the Slidetec Mobile ready for transportation in less than 10 minutes. And all this just by yourself.

  • Hydraulic axle with wheels
  • Tail lights
  • Towbar
  • Log lifters
  • Front of the frame has a hydraulic tilting end
  • Adjustable support legs




Slidetec Mini

Persons needed to operate 1 3
Climate limitations None None
Table speed m/min 0-110 0-110
Sawn timber accuracy < 11/32" (1 mm) < 11/32" (1 mm)
Sawn timber size selection Metric / Imperial Metric / Imperial
Power requirements, electric 45 kW 45 kW
PTO HP 100 100
Hydraulic oil, volume ISO VG 32 / 100 l SO VG 32 / 100 l
Flow 75 l/min 43 l/min
Sharpening machine 12 V or 220/380 V 12 V or 220/380 V
Blade sizes 80-120 cm - 311/2 - 471/4" 80-120 cm - 311/2 - 471/4"
Blade shaft 65 mm - 2 9/16" 65 mm - 2 9/16"
Log size
Maximum 65 cm - 25 1/2" 65 cm - 25 1/2"
Maximum with topsaw 76,5 cm - 30" 76,5 cm - 30"
Minimum length 1,5 m - 5' 1,5 m - 5'
Maximum length 11,0 m / 36" 8,0 m / 29"
Total operating length 18 m - 59' 15 m - 49'
Total operating width 160 cm - 63" 160 cm - 63"
Table length 9 m - 29 1/2' 7 m – 23'
Table width 74 cm - 29 1/8" 74 cm - 29 1/8"
Weight 3000 kg - 6600 lbs 2400 kg - 4800 lbs
Freight Two sawmills fit in one 40” container Two sawmills fit in one 20” container

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Configure your Slidetec

    Slidetec Operable by one man 
    Slidetec Mini Three men operation 
    Electric Power take-off 
    No laser  
    Laser  Read more
    Double laser For square timber 
    Computerized size adjuster  Read more
    Sharpening machine  Read more
    Top saw For oversized logs Read more
    Log feeding device  Read more
    Prebarker For dirty logs Read more
    Sawdust blower  Read more
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    • Chain for Slidetec (18 m)

      One sawmill has two sets of chain.

      Chains, Table Chains, Table
    • Lock for the Slidetec chain

      L: 2.5  W: 2.5  H: 1 (cm)

      0.014 kg

      Chains, Table Chains, Table
    • Set of plastics for Slidetec Body, Plastics Body, Plastics
    • Set of sprocket wheels to Slidetec

      L: 40  W: 40  H: 23 (cm)

      26.7 kg

      Body, Sprocket wheels Body, Sprocket wheels
    • Table for Slidetec Body parts, Others, Table Body parts, Others, Table