Technical data

  • Machine makes 12 - 700 mm logs.
  • Length 11600 mm • Log max length 9000 mm 
  • Width 1800 mm 
  • Height 2100mm 
  • Weight 3400 kg

Electronic motors

1. Cutter 11 kw/ 3000 rpm 
2. Cutter 5,5 kw/3000 rpm 
logroundig motor 1,5 kw/ 0-120 r / min 
Feeding head motor 0,3 kw /0-60 r/min 
2 x inverters for rounding and feeding 


Basement size:

Roundtec Jumbo is your machine if you have to process very large logs. With the Jumbo model you can process up to 70cm. If needed we produce also Roundtec XL for even bigger logs.

Our multifunction Log home manufacturing machine is a neat, cleaner and safe way to build high quality log homes-efficiently, economically, in a simpler way. As a matter of fact, building log homes can’t be any more simpler. You utilize green, unpeeled, even knotty and bent(curved) logs, unsuitable for any other use into logs which will become a log home. Techniques used to process a log, natural growth pattern of a tree will be maintained thus minimizing the cracking and changing shape later on. Otherwise to cut the life/stress out of log. With Roundtec, you utilize the whole tree even trees unsuitable for sawmilling or other use. Stump cut up to 30 feet in length and diameter up to 24’ used for main construction. Next cut for smaller constructions, e.g. playhouses, garages, gazebos or decorations and tree tops for milling furniture materials or fence posts, all with the same machine. Roundtec can process even or tapered building logs. With Roundec you only need one machine to make a complete shell of your log home, thus minimizing your capital investment to one very economically priced machine.


Roundtec does preform all four operations without removing the log from the machine!

  1. Shape log into required size 
  2. Grooving for desired shape and insulation thickness 
  3. Airtight timber locking notching 
  4. Drilling for dowlocking and/or channels for electrical wiring and plumbing


Roundtec is powered with electric/hydraulic/inventors, all which is part of delivery. Also we do have waste conveyor fitted into the Roundtec to keep your workstation clean and safe. All supplied and ready to use, just plug it in! Maintenance of processing blades and knives is very simple no special tools or machines are required, just your common bench grinder and hacksaw. Most of our customers are making their own replacement blades from tool grade steel which we do supply when and if needed. 

So when will you be starting your profitable venture?
Please let us know! But give about 2 months time for the delivery to reach your site.
We can also provide training at your site at a very low cost and naturally we always do standby our machines in the future if the need ever arises, we are just a phone call away 24/7.