Techincal data

  • Total operating length 15 m - 49' 
  • Total operating width 160 cm - 63" 
  • Table length 7 m – 23´ 
  • Table width 74 cm - 29 1/8" 
  • Weight: 2400 kg - 4800 LBS 
  • Drive: Hydraulic 
  • Power requirements, electric: 45 kW 
  • PTO 75 HP 
  • Hydraulic oil, volume: 
  • 60 l-13,2 GAUIMP 
  • Flow: 40 I/min 
  • Blade sizes: 80 -120 cm - 311/2 - 471/4" 
  • Blade shatt: 65 mm - 2 9/16" 
  • Log size, maximum: 65 cm - 25 1/2" 
  • Log size, with topsaw: 76,5 cm - 30" 
  • Log lenght, minimum: 1,5 m - 5' 
  • Log lenght, maximum: 8 m – 26´ 
  • Table speed: 0-110 mImin. 
  • Sharpening machine: 12 V or 220/380 V 
  • Sawn lumber accuracy, <11/32" (1 mm) 
  • Sawn lumber size selection: MET./IMP. 
  • Climate limitations: none

Product videos

The new generation sawmill for low cost sawmilling - Minitec

A circular saw for the new generation in which the rolls under the saw tables have been replaced with slide rails. This patented construction enables a very smooth running of the table and a firm structure. 
This is seen in good quality of sawn goods and in fewer problems with the circular saw blades (the swinging of the tables puts restrain on the blade); also the mangling of the tables is unexistant. The tables run silently and safely (the pace between the end of the table and the rolls does not exist). 
The operator-owner of slidetec manufacturing plant, is a multiple sawmilling champion and his practical experience has been created this ultimate sawmill. Saw through saw table is among the unique features involved. Slidetec is CE certified and the only circular sawmill having SGS, the most strict certification found in the world. The extremely quiet, fast, safe tough saw table is one of the key patented aspects of the mill. Extremely quiet, accurate movement and even vibration free. 
Saw table is made out of c.profile stainless steel and poly/nylon/teflon slide ribs sliding construction, the saw table’s sliding bars are reversible, doubling lifetime for years. The table itself is constructed for tough use-unwarping, untwisting, and unbumping. 
Multi function log/block turner-positioning-rotating head, block aligner-hydraulic 
adjustments made from operators position according to log length. Note for special attachment block turning and slab moving off/on back into sawing position. 
The heart of the sawmill is its oversize 65mm blade shaft which makes better blade support with special flanges reducing the possibility of saw blade wobbling and vibration and also with the help of the high grade SKF bearings. Please note that hydraulically controlled saw blade guide system and change of saw blade when needed with only one tool. These features could only be found on a Slidetec sawmill. Effective, simple, safe and less costly top saw system can handle oversize logs to your satisfaction. Hydraulic log fastener, power pull and quick action does fasten even frozen logs and hardwood species without bending the saw table and removing and attaching the hook back into. Hydraulic dropping device and backing wheel for sawn lumber and/or slabs does complete one man sawing application. When needed, our greed chain, waste removal and cross cut saw can be added to complete more professional sawmill operation. 
Minitec is furnished with our own design sharpening machine, also good for stellite or carbide tips-easy to use and easy to understand. Also file room model sharpening machines and tools are available. The debarker is a product of our development and works for a professional sawer with safety and performance in mind. One log feeder, scoops out one log at a time from the log deck on the saw table, all controlled from the central operator position. Sturdy sizing device, simply easy to use/understand, trouble free and accurate. Its quick to set your special sizes when needed. Both systems have metric and imperial systems built into them. We also have a computerized sizing system at extra cost. Strong suction/blow sawdust fan and disposal pipes are part of a standard slidetec sawmill. As by now you have already found that Minitec has taken small and medium sawmill industry into new century and at a price much less than the traditional Scandinavian sawmill. 
Beside Slidetec sawmills and accessories we do supply a complete line of previously owned, fully reconditioned, high volume sawmills and complete sawmill plants including debarkers, kilns, and automation’s .Names such as Hewsaw, Ari, Ahlstrom, VK Brunette, Cambio and many more can be found in our inventory.